About Us

ICF In a nutshell

  • In the early 1940s, the first patent for an insulated formwork for concrete was registered in Switzerland.
  • In 1967, the first ICF patent in North America was filed by Werner Gregori.
  • In 2000, the insulated concrete form (ICF) construction was incorporated into the international I-Codes.
  • For commercial construction, the provisions for ICF fall under IBC Chapter 26, and concrete is per International Building Codes (IBC) Chapter 19. For residential construction, The ICF is covered in the International Residential Codes (IRC) section R400, R600 and R611.
  • the US military uses ICF for barracks, offices, flight simulation facilities, hangars and secure mission critical structures such as communication and data centers. In addition, ICF is widely used for building police and fire stations, schools, hotels, medical clinics, apartments and condos

Our Company

  • S&V is one of the most recognized ICF Builders in the state of Texas.
  • In 2007, S&V was founded by Amin Abdelkader, a certified trainer for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) of continuing education, a certified ICF trainer for various manufacturers, and a building code (ICC) implementer.
  • S&V’s talented team brings to the market 30+ years of experience in multi-disciplined engineering and construction. S&V accomplished and delivered various residential, commercial, military and institutional projects in Texas, North Carolina and Louisiana.